Study and Design   

Applied Geology and Geotechnics

  • Geological design
  • Geotechnical characterization of soils
  • study of seismic response of soils
  • geotechnical studies civil engineering works
  • opinion and evaluation causes damage to buildingsγ

Hydrogeology - Geomorphology 

  • hydrogeological studies to identify groundwater (aquifers)
  • design stabilizing landslides
  • design of drainage and reclamation operations
  • design artificial hydrological savings

Environmental Geology and Natural Resources

  • environmental controls (soil-subsoil)
  • programs characterizing contaminated sites
  • risk analyzes and studies consolidation
  • design and applications for quarries and dumps

Surveys and field work

  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • sampling wells
  • anchorages
  • retaining
  • foundation pilings
  • installation of measuring instruments
  • tests Penetrometrisis static and dynamic
  • geophysical survey

Environmental investigations

  • soil sampling dry
  • instrumentation monitoring (inclinometer, piezometers)
  • research subsoil gas pockets
  • sampling soil, water, gas


  • construction monitoring boreholes
  • construction of water wells
  • restore functionality drilling
  • Pumping tests and calculation of performance


  • It is on a technology available and proven
  • It uses 75% renewable and free energy from the environment
  • It has twice the performance of the best combustion technology (condensation)
  • Fits easily with existing conventional technologies and facilities
  • Provides financial return is the optimal choice for new installations
  • It adds value to the building
  • Independence from suppliers (fossil fuels)
  • Secure building (without burners and gas pipelines)
  • Single installation for cooling, heating and hot water
  • Significant reduction of the costs of the installation (reduced total costs)
  • Increased sense of wellbeing